Stephanie Jones | Billing and Collections Specialist

Stephanie Jones is the Billing and Collections Specialist for ABA Consulting Services. She began her career in home health care in the early 90’s. By 1998, she completed her a Paramedicine Program and started her 18 year career in EMS. She enjoyed working at SLU Hospital’s ER until 2003 when she began her official ambulance journey. She worked both on an Ambulance and for the Sheriff as a 911 Telecommunicator. In 2014 she decided to further her education and make a career change to Billing and Coding. She worked for a billing company in Troy, Illinois in 2016 until November, 2021 when she came to ABA Consulting Services. She is responsible for preparing and generating claims, following up on claims and resolving any issues. She oversees insurance billing and invoices. She ensures accuracy of billing information and tracks payments. She review authorizations, and verifies eligibility. In her personal time, she spend time with her family and their new dog. She loves diamond art, hiking and learning how to garden.

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