Laura Farley, MEd, RBT | Interim Program Director ESDM Services

Laura Farley is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and an ABA Consultant through Missouri First Steps. She is the ESDM (Early Start Denver Model) Intrim Program Director and has been a lead teacher both in a classroom at our clinic as well as through virtual learning. She has worked with young children with special needs for over a decade (in direct settings and in management roles). She has experience in public schools, early intervention (in-home and center-based services), and as a university adjunct professor (lecturing and guiding practicum student experiences). She will complete post-graduate ABA coursework through Florida Institute of Technology in September 2020. She has a Master’s in Special Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood from University of Missouri-Columbia and a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Special Education and Early Childhood Education (birth to 3rd grade). In her spare time, Laura enjoys spending time with her family, exploring interesting sites in the area, playing games with family/friends, and cooking for company.

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