At ABA Consulting Services we aim to make meaningful change in individuals by teaching them skills for life.

Part of that process is recognizing that there are needs that reach outside of our companies scope. However, we still want to help. That is why we have put together a comprehensive list of useful resources that we think could help your family. 

*We want to provide you with a comprehensive list of resources. The more tools you have as a primary caregiver the better experience your child will have. 

We in no way are affiliating ourselves with these organizations or their actions. We can not guarantee that they will be a fit for your needs as every situation is different. To work with these organizations you will have to contact them individually.

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In-Network Insurance and Financial Resources

We are proud to be in-network with 17 different insurance companies, including Medicaid. We also provide a lot of diverse financial resources. We also provide a lot of diverse financial resources and local grant opportunities.

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Respite Care

Respite care is designed to give a parent or guardian temporary relief when needed. It can be utilized in times of crisis or planned short breaks. Ultimately it is a great resource for any primary caregiver that has a child or adult with behavioral needs.

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Advocacy and Learning Resources

Utilizing advocacy and learning resources allows you to become independent as a primary caregiver. Because of that knowledge, you will know how to handle any barriers you come across. 

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Dietary Needs

Part of a comprehensive care plan includes nutritional health. Addressing dietary needs in the early stages of development can help shape someone’s future.

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Neurological Care

Understanding your child’s diagnosis and care plan is heavily reliant on a positive relationship with a Neurologist.

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Dental Care

Individuals with a developmental disorder are often affected by aspects of a business that Nero Typical individuals might not be.

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