In-Network Insurance and Financial Resources

Payment Methods:

At ABA Consulting Services we want to provide you with both financial resources and options. Because of this we accept two methods of payment for our services.

We accept in-network private insurance as well as Medicaid. Our in-network providers are listed below. We also accept private pay that allows you to personally cover all costs associated with our programs.

Our In-Network Insurance Companies

*At ABA Consulting we are proud to be be in-network with so many insurance companies. We however are in no way affiliated with these companies or their actions. We also are not responsible for coverage benefits. Because of this we can not guarantee that our services will be covered under your plan. We are happy to talk about insurance coverage when you are ready to get started.

For more information you can call us at our intake Line.


Home State Health





Cigna West






MO HealthNet



United Healthcare/Community Plan

Need more coverage? Medicaid might be the answer.

  • Medicaid is a resource that is available to children who have autism. It can be used as a primary insurance or as a secondary insurance to a commercial plan.
  • Unlike some insurance plans that do not have ABA benefits, Medicaid covers ABA therapy. This coverage can be utilized as a primary insurance, if the primary insurance does not have ABA benefits, or as a secondary to cover the cost of what the primary insurance does not cover.
  • While Medicaid has different restrictions to enroll, we encourage families to speak with someone at Medicaid to see if they are eligible regardless of the restrictions.

Financial Resources

We understand that finances are complicated. That is why we have put together a list of financial resources we feel could help you understand your coverage and offer more financial aid. 


*We want to provide you with a comprehensive list of financial resources. The more tools you have as a primary care giver the better experience your child will have. 

We in no way are affiliating ourselves with these organizations or their actions. We can not guarantee that they will be a fit for your needs as every situation is different. To work with these organizations you will have to contact them individually. 

For more information call our intake line

United Health Care Children's Foundation(Grant)

"The mission of UHCCF is to provide medical grants that significantly enhance the clinical condition or quality of life of children across the United States, covered under a commercial health insurance plan and are 16 years old or younger."

Contact: 1 855-MY-UHCCF / 1 (855-698-4223)

Insure Kids Now 

"Learn about coverage options for your family or help us spread the word about free or low-cost health insurance coverage!"

Contact: 877-543-7669

Missouri Department of Insurance 

"Don't understand your insurance policy? Do you think you have been treated unfairly by your insurance company, agent, broker or agency? The department welcomes any questions or complaints you may have"

Contact: 800-726-7390

Missouri Department of Social Services: Mo HealthNet for Kids

"The Family Support Division may be able to help you or your family with food stamps, health care, child care, child support, and other needs as we support our mission to lead the nation in building the capacity of individuals, families, and communities to secure and sustain healthy, safe, and productive lives."

Contact: 866-313-9960

Social Security: Benefits for Children with Disabilities 

"This booklet is for the parents, caregivers ,or representative of children younger than age 18 who have disabilities that might make them eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. It is also for adults who became disabled in childhood, and who might be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance."

ACT Today 

"ACT Today awards grants of up to $5,000 with priority given to families with household incomes less than $100,000. Funding may be used for ABA, speech therapy, OT, meds and home safety devices. There are quarterly grant deadlines."

Ady's Army 

"Realizing the pain and financial pressure families face, we find our purpose in serving God by serving special needs families. Together we work to defeat the financial stress and loneliness caused by autism, providing resources one “piece” and one family at a time. We are a nonprofit who helps families find hope and answers, realizing that what was once impossible alone is now possible with an army- Ady’s army."

Aid for Autistic Children Foundation

"The Aid for Autistic Children Foundation has financial assistance and charitable grants of up to $150,000 in total debt relief per household."

ASDF's Holiday Gift Card Program

"ASDF's Holiday Gift Card Program provides families across the country with $250 gift cards for the holidays."

ASDF Social Skills Camp

"ASDF Social Skills Camp may assist with funding for social skills camps. Parents email us when they find a camp for their child. We ask them for the name of the camp, the dates they are looking at and the cost of the camp. If funds are available and we are able to help them, we will require documentation from their child's doctor stating that
he/she is on the Autism Spectrum."

Autism Now State Support Grants and Cash Subsidies

"The Autism Now webpage provides links to specific state family support grants or cash subsidies. Each resource has different qualifying amounts and eligibility criteria."

Autism Support Network

"The Autism Support Network webpage provides listings as well as direct links to dozens of financial resources and other online support."

"This website provides access to a “Benefit Finder” which offers multiple search methods to quickly find state and federal benefits you may be entitled to."

Blooming with Autism

"Blooming with Autism is providing up to $60,000 annual income cap and grants for $2,000 for therapies."

"Bright Steps Forward is funding for intensive pediatric therapy for financially disadvantaged children diagnosed with neurological disorders."

CARE Family Grant Program

"CARE Family Grant Program is mainly for helping families with medication, autism diagnosis/evaluation, therapy session (including speech, OT and ABA,) and autism summer camps."

"Challenged America gives $500 maximum grants to individuals with disabilities."

Chrysalis Fund

"Chrysalis Fund offers small grants and stipends averaging $1,000 per family to assist with the financing of limited, targeted educational investments for these children."

Danny's Wish, iPads for Autism

"Applications will only be accepted September 1st through December 31st of each calendar year. Applications received and approved will be acknowledged by email & submitted to lottery for the next allocation of iPads awarded. Unfortunately incomplete applications will not be considered for award. iPads will be awarded each April of each calendar year."

The Ezra B. Smith Foundation for Autism Therapy and Education

"This foundation seeks to provide financial assistance for ABA therapy and education for autistic children. Please click on the link and contact them by email to inquire about applying for their grant opportunities."

The First Hand Foundation

"The First Hand Foundation will provide families who meet certain financial guidelines with grants of up to $1,000 for ABA therapy."


"This program has evolved to include free or low-cost wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment, vehicle and home adaptations and more."

"This program has grants for therapy, equipment, and other needs. Must have a sponsor such as an agency or social worker apply."


"This program helps obtain expensive medical and adaptive equipment such as augmentative communication devices, bathing and feeding chairs, enclosed beds or sensory equipment."


"Gia Nicole Angel Foundation enhances the daily functioning of a child with special needs."

"Helping From Heaven - The Lexi Kazian Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the comfort and quality of life for children with special needs. This is accomplished by providing education, therapy and playground equipment, therapy toys, resources and scholarships for families and therapists in need of financial assistance and/or community support."

"Interactive Technology Assisting Autistic Little Kids) provides interactive technology to children (0-22) with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and educational training on interactive technology to families, educators, and service providers of children with special needs."

"Christian Fund for the Disabled."

"Kulture City has many projects that impact the lives of those touched by Autism or other special need, such projects provide weighted blankets, toys, and IPADs to children across the world."

Maggie Welby Foundation

"Maggie Welby Foundation offers grants ranging from $250 to $2,500 to children and families in need for a variety of purposes."

"Marks Money provides financial assistance to persons with Down syndrome or other developmental disabilities to
improve their quality of life by meeting their daily living, employment, medical, residential, or social needs."

Modest Needs Foundation

"This link takes you to the required registration page to learn about several Modest Needs grant opportunities and eligibility requirements."


" MyGOAL Inc will enable families to take advantage of socialization and educational opportunities designed for individuals with special needs."

National Autism Association

"National Autism Association, provides families with financial assistance in getting necessary biomedical treatments, supplements and therapy services for their autistic child. Household income must not exceed $50,000. This is for a one time grant of up to $1000 to be paid directly to the service provider."

NAA' s Give A Voice Program

"National Autism Association provides communication devices to individuals with autism who are non-verbal or minimally verbal, and whose communication challenges put them at increased risk of injury or harm."

NSWKids Program

"This program supports direct educational diagnostic testing, services and tutoring/mentoring and support to the families of active duty SEALs, SWCC and support personnel who have special needs children. Recent examples of where we’ve helped
include: spouse respite, emergency home repairs for deployed service members, urgent child care and primary care individual replacement."

"Parker's Purpose provides monetary assistance up to $1,000."

Small Steps in Speech

"This webpage provides a direct link to the Small Steps in Speech grant application. Funds may be used for speech therapy and/or assistive device software applications. "

" This non-profit 501©3 organization that helps with treatment and therapies not typically covered by insurance. "

" The Orange Effect provides for speech therapy and assistive speech technology to children and young adults with speech disorders. We award grants throughout the United States. Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis and are based on financial need. More information about who we are and what we fund is available on our website. "

United Healthcare Children's Foundation

" The UHC Fund facilitates access to medical-related services that enhance a child’s life and which are not fully covered by the available commercial health benefit plan."

Varghese Summersett PLLC Annual Scholarships

" Varghese Summersett PLLC can be used offset the cost of camp, tutoring, classes, secondary education, post-secondary education or tools to help them learn and flourish. "

Variety Children's Charity

" Variety Children's Charity is an association of 21 chapters throughout the country that empower local kids who are disabled and disadvantaged to live, laugh and learn. With the help of dedicated volunteers and generous individual and corporate supporters, Variety - The Children's Charity is able to expand the horizons of deserving children. "

" Wheel to Walk helps children who experience difficulty obtaining funding from their insurance companies to obtain
essential equipment or services that they needed to make their day to day lives just a little easier.

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